Why should you take our training courses?
Our courses will provide you with the understanding of how the BAR is utilizing OBD ll in the new OIS/DAD program.

There was some discussions about identifing OBD1 and OBDll on vehicle over 8500lbs. Here is a footnote from a CARB paper describing such vehicles:
"In addition to the rare instances where a manufacturer has chosen to certify Federal cars to the EPA’s rules, it should be noted that prior to ~2007, Federal OBD requirements only covered vehicles below 8,500
lbs GVWR while OBD II covered vehicles below 14,000 lbs GVWR. 1996 through ~2007 model year Federal vehicles between 8,500 and 14,000 lbs (primarily large pick-ups, vans, and small delivery vehicles)
do not have a certified Federal OBD or California OBD II system. Inspection of these vehicles would continue to rely on a tailpipe emission test."

From the OBD2 training classes for Gas and Diesel vehicles, to Manufacturer specific training, we have what you need to succeed.  We offer 9 different
BAR approved Update Training Classes tailored to fit YOUR needs.

Steve's OBD2 Classes are Written to
Federal Guidelines and are California BAR Certified.