From the OBD2 training classes for Gas and Diesel vehicles, to Manufacturer specific training, we have what you need to succeed.  We offer 11 different
BAR approved Update Training Classes tailored to fit YOUR needs.

Not a Smog technician, that's OK. Our classes offer repair information that non-Smog technicians can use the very next day. 

Still not sure, ask about our money back guarantee .

Coming soon 2020

We have two training course coming in 2020.

​UT61 Permanent DTC and their repair strategies


UT63 Verifying Monitors operation with Big Data

From Dealer to Independent techs, both classes offer something new that you can use to validate your repairs better, faster and with greater accuracy.

​More to come as we get ready to release these classes.

Not a Smog tech, thats ok. Our classes can help everyone in the automotive industry.