We are proud to present  Silver Scan-Tool™

The most accurate  OBD2 scan in the world. It used by CARB,BAR and Manufactures  for OBD2 validation.  

Silver Scan-Tool™ is used for OBDII, EOBD, HD OBD and WWH-OBD diagnoses all over the world. It supports all legally prescribed diagnostic functions for cars and trucks, including the sub-functions SAE J1979 as well as SAE J1939 and WWH-OBD according to ISO 27145. Silver Scan-Tool™ covers every possible OBD application with just one software.

In the coming months we will be conducting training on how to use this powerful tool in California's Smog program as well as sales. 

If you are a mid to high end technician or shop this is a must have tool for all emission programs.

Silver scan offers all the data in all the service modes.

If you are not using PID 41 which is limited to a few scan tools, you are missing a wealth of information. 

Please check back with us as we will be adding  information on how to buy this software. This is the full version with nothing removed.  You will be getting the same software as BAR. 

​Wouldn't you like to know what they know, now you can. 

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