Diagnostic Practices

This course covers "old school" diagnostic principles that can be used to diagnose engine mechanical issues. 

This is an 4 hour course.

OBD2  Regulations and Strategies   UT002

The OBDll for gasoline vehicles course (UT02) covers in details all 10 Service Modes as well as ALL monitors for light duty gasoline vehicles from 1996 to 2014 model years
An understanding of how OBDll is used for fraud detection will be cover in details. The use of PID data to validate good drive cycles will be covered. In-use Performance (IPT) will be taught to help validate the longevity of the drive cycles.

This course is 8 hours.

OBD ll monitors training for:
Fuel Control and Exhaust Gas Sensors

This is an in depth look at the OBDll monitors for Fuel Controls and Exhaust Gas Sensors covering both LEV1 and LEV ll vehicles.

The fuel trim and exhaust gas sensors regulations covered in this course will help the technician in identifying  the different air/fuel ratio imbalance strategies and their many different types of repairs that are being used by the Manufacturers. 

This is an 8 hour course.

OBDll Monitors

Gasoline and Diesel


This course is a combination of UT002 and UT008. You get gasoline and diesel training in one class.We cover all the CARB emission monitors as well as all 10 SAE OBDll service modes.

P-codes and In-use Performance tracking will also be covered in detail.

This course is 12 hours.

LEVEL 2 and Citation Training

is now available. 

Contact us for the   class schedules.

California Brake and Lamp training

coming soon!!!


We teach different classes each month so that you can learn what YOU need.
Most classes are offered in the first two weeks of the month.
Please contact us for our monthly schedule.

OBD2 Monitor training for chrysler vehicles

The Chrysler OBDll Monitors course (UT10) will teach the technicians ALL the Monitors strategies used by Chrysler from 1996-2014 model years.
This course will help technicians understand how Chrysler has implemented OBDll on their vehicles.

This is an 8 hour course.

OBD2 Diesel Regulations and Strategies 


The OBDll Diesel class covers ALL California  OBDll Rules & Regulations from 1996 to 2014 with emphasis on 2007-2014 model years. All 10 SAE service modes and ALL CARB Emission Monitors will be covered in detail.

This course is 8 hours.

OBD2monitor training for Audi/Volkswagen vehicles


The Volkswagen/Audi course (UT24) gives the technician an understanding of Volkswagen/Audi Monitors strategies from 1996 to 2011 model years.
The understanding Data Block will be covered so that technician will be able to use Manufacturer specific scan tool to diagnose these vehicles.
Service Bay diagnostics will be covered as well as In-use performance Tracking (IPT). This will help the technician ensure that the repair longevity is sufficient for positive Smog Check.

This is an 8 hour course.



The Porsche course (UT30) offers an understanding of how Porsche has implemented OBDll LEV1 and LEVll regulations into their vehicles. All monitors will be covered in detail, including the newest Monitor-Air/Fuel Ratio Imbalance.

This is an 8 hour course.

Vehicle communications


Vehicle Communications course (UT31) offers technicians an understanding of the communications between the vehicles and the BAR EIS/OIS machines.
This course has a heavy emphasis on CAN communication and how to use the codes to streamline your diagnostics.

FlexRay, LIN and SENT communications are also covered
This course is designed to help all technicians, regardless of skill level.

This is an 8 hour course.

OBDll Monitor course


This  course  covers ALL the Monitors and Strategies for gasoline vehicles from 1996 to 2014 model years.  This course compliments the Manufacturer’s courses that we offer and will help Technicians understand  how the Monitors are suppose to work between LEVl and LEVll emission standards . In-use Performance (IPT) will be taught to help validate the longevity of the Drive Cycles

This course is 4 hours.